YO! You’re Human

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2 Siwanoy Blvd, Eastchester, NY 10709, USA
Jan 06 2020
Mar 09 2020
Yo! You're Human
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Class dates

01/06/2020, 01/13/2020, 01/27/2020, 02/03/2020, 02/10/2020, 02/24/2020, 03/02/2020, 03/09/2020


You know what it's like to run, jump, talk, think, hear and listen to your heart beat. But how does it all work? In this class, we will explore the science of human physiology through a series of projects and activities that examine the major systems and looks at how our bodily systems work together. Projects include activities to illustrate how our bodies use water, visualizing how your skin works, DNA and measuring your own lung capacity.


Participants must currently be in grades 3 to 5.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 8

Maximum: 12

Registration period

Registration starts on 12/16/2019 and ends on 01/02/2020.


2 Siwanoy Blvd, Eastchester, NY 10709, USA
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